Joyous Wolf Release New Song "Slow Hand" & Cover of "Mississippi Queen" + Exclusive Interview with the Band

Southern California rockers Joyous Wolf are set to take the rock music scene by storm with their first releases on Roadrunner Records. They dropped their original single “Slow Hand” along with an explosive cover of “Mississippi Queen.”

We asked the band a few questions about the releases and rock music.

How did the cover of Mississippi Queen come about and what was your approach when recording it?
JW: I suggested to the band a few months ago when we get a longer set list it would be fun to jam a goovy rock song that suits us and I thought Mississippi queen would be a great fit. Once we tried it out everyone liked it so much we thought if we recorded it it would be a great way for people to hear us as a first impression and a nice way to pay our respects to a rock and roll giant.

We love that the song "Slow Hand" has both a heaviness and also soulfulness in the vocals.  Can you tell us a little bit about the creation of this song?

JW: The song started off with just the verse chord progression we all loved it cause it moved really fast and gave a very loud and rushed feeling we were all itching to act on in the moment.  The pre chorus and chorus were pretty much made on the spot as well, as for the structure we tweaked and experimented for a week or two and finally thought the composition as it sits was the best way to get the energy across!

In your opinion, what makes a good rock song?

JW: Honestly a good rock song can be anything from terribly out of tune bad production to a million dollar studio budget , as long as it’s honest and you genuinely feel the attitude you’re portraying.

If you had a time machine, what band would you see live?

JW: I would have to say Zeppelin in their prime.  The amazing talent and music aside, just to be a witness to their chemistry as a band would have been intoxicating and something we’d never forge.

Jennifer Minor