Travis Cormier Talks Rock Music and Upcoming Album

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Travis Cormier is on track to be a household name in rock music. Although he gained recognition from singing “Dream On” during his 2016 appearance on La Voix, the French Canadian version of The Voice, he has been a guitarist since the age of nine, has played in several bands, and also studied at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. Cormier is currently prepping for the release of his debut album out on November 2nd. “Dollars & Hearts” is the first single from the album which can be found on iTunes and Spotify at the following links:


We asked Travis about his upcoming album and his love for rock music. Check out what he had to say!

DFTR: What made you fall in love with rock music?

TC: I fell in love with rock music when I discover my dad’s CD collection when I was about 10 years old. Discovering albums such as “Appetite for Destruction,” “ Slippery When Wet,” “Back In Black” made me fall in love with rock music. When I would be watching live DVDs of classic rock bands performing, I would tell myself that one day I would be on that stage doing what they’re doing. It inspired me to buy a guitar, start a band, and move to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. 

DFTR: What was your experience like working on your upcoming album-- especially working with Bob Rock? 

TC: Working on this album has been such a great and fun experience. We really had a great time making this record. The writing process with him was so inspiring, and you cannot have a better person in this industry to learn from! I got to work on some new songs in the studio with Bob Rock, and also was able to co-write some of the songs on the album with Richie Sambora.  We recorded everything with a full live band in a room at the Warehouse Studios in Vancouver. With this album I really wanted to capture a special moment of being in a room with all these great musicians creating music live. I believe that the album was able to do this.

Working with Bob Rock was an incredible experience. Such a great producer to work with. I have learned so much working with him, and we had a blast making this album.

DFTR: What are your plans once your album is released?  Any tour dates in the US?

 TC: Once the album is released I plan on going out on tour and playing as many shows as possible. I love touring, and being able to perform these songs live. Tour dates are not announced yet but I would definitely love to come play across the US, especially Boston (the home of one of my favorite bands Aerosmith)! 

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