Talk Surrounds Toto Covering Weezer

After rock band Weezer covered two of Toto's hits, "Africa" and "Rosanna" back in May, the songs went viral.  Steve Lukather, guitarist of Toto, told Variety, "Now, wait until they hear our Weezer cover we just started recording, and will be out in the next couple of months."  On July 25th, KROQ DJs Stryker and Klein tossed around the idea of Toto covering a Weezer song sparking listeners to call in with their thoughts.  Lukather was listening as well and Tweeted the station, "Hey @KROQ and @TedStryker, we heard you talking about us on the radio," he wrote. "Let's talk... soon. (DM us)"  We can only imagine Toto's spin on a Weezer song!

Jennifer Minor