The Struts Release Anthem Like New Single "Primadonna Like Me"

British rockers The Struts burst onto the rock n roll music scene as a breath of fresh air in 2014.  Their new single "Primadonna Like Me" from their upcoming highly anticipated sophomore album carries the same excitement as their first releases.  The glam rock, Rolling Stones-esque song has proven popular with crowds during their live sets the past year and it is not hard to see why; it's packed with high energy and it's impossible not to sing along to it!

Front-man Luke Spiller explained the song in a press release stating, "It was recorded in the same place that "Roll Up” was written - a small island off the south coast of England.  It’s funny because I hear it as a continuation of the character that was in "Roll Up."  It’s another chapter in his world.  Completely deluded and filled with madness.  I always imagine him walking through his small English country village surrounded by all things normal making his way to his local pub. Getting ready for his Saturday night. Drinks, more drink and loading up the jukebox with Elton John.... Until he gets thrown out and ends up home blowing lines by himself, dancing around his room.... He seems quite lonely in my head.  Maybe he has a few friends in Camden, London.  Yes. Yes he probably does."

Take a listen to the song on YouTube below:

Jennifer Minor