Review of Massive Wagon's Full Nelson

Lancaster band Massive Wagons have been generating buzz lately due to their wall mural on the side of a pub in addition to their new album Full Nelson which could make them become the first band from Lancaster to have a Top 40 album.   

Full Nelson was released on August 10 and is Massive Wagons' third studio album.  With 12 tracks, it is a solid rock album from start to finish.

1.  Under No Illusion - One of the singles released from the album, this song kicks things off right.  With a catchy classic rock sound, you will find yourself jamming and singing along to it.

2. China Plates - Another single released from the album, this track is a tongue in cheek dig at behavior found on Facebook.  Loaded with high energy and a punk rock sound, it is a stand out track.

3. Billy Balloon Head - Seeing the title of the song, it sparks curiosity what it will bring.  After a listen, it follows up the first two songs with the same amount of feel-good melodiousness and rock attitude.   

4.  Sunshine Smile - One of our favorites, this tracks boasts more of a southern bluesy sound.  

5.  Northern Boy - The album transitions to a more personal and heartfelt rock ballad with this track.  An ode to where they grew up as children, the song features a moving guitar solo halfway through. 

6.  Robot (Trust in Me) - The band transitions back to a heavy rock sound with this track.  Frontman Baz Mills says that this guitar driven song is their dig at angry online conspiracy theorists.

7.  Back to the Stack - A tribute song to Rick Parfitt, this track boasts a classic rock sound to which you can cruise with the windows down.

8.  Hate Me - An upbeat track with a hint of punk rock, the band keeps the energy flowing.

9.  Last on the List -  A song with an excellent melody, you will find yourself banging your head along while listening.  This one should get the crowd jumping at shows.

10.  Ballad of Verdun Hayes - The title refers to the D-Day veteran who became the oldest skydiver at age 101.  This track brings the same punch but is a slight departure from the style of the previous tracks.  This song has more of an indie-rock vibe.

11. Ratio - Taken from their 2016 album Welcome to the World, this is one of our favorite Massive Wagons songs.  This brilliant track combines melodic vocals and catchy guitar riffs making it impossible to not put the song on repeat.

12. Tokyo - Also taken from Welcome to the World, it closes out the album perfectly with its upbeat, feel good rock sound.

All in all, a strong effort from Massive Wagons that deserves to make the top 10 and hopefully will soon bring them across the pond to Boston!

Take a listen to the album below on Spotify or find it elsewhere at the following link:

You can also watch their music video for "China Plates" below.

Jennifer Minor