Rock Band Major Moment Take a Major Leap with Debut EP One Small Step. Take a Listen!

Boston based rock band Major Moment have only been together since March 2017, but they have already accomplished a great deal. With the release of their debut EP One Small Step, they have shown that they are destined to go far.

One Small Step pays homage to Linkin Park’s late frontman Chester Bennington, who was a significant inspiration for the band. The influence can certainly be heard in the songs, which were produced by Kevin Billingslea with six time Grammy award winner Adam Ayan also on board.

The EP begins with a sci-movie like intro then leading into one of the singles “Before It’s Too Late,” a song with a catchy guitar riff. The third track “Mistakes” is one of our favorites. A mid-tempo track, it builds up in the bridge before going into the melodic chorus. It then finishes off with a memorizing guitar solo. The following track “What It’s Like” is one of the heavier and more up-tempo tracks on the EP. Next is “How Would You Know,” a beautiful song with touching lyrics and a catchy chorus. Closing off the EP is a stuning instrumental piece titled “The Release,” which is aptly named as it releases all sorts of emotions while listening to it.

Not only is the production quality of One Small Step top notch, the songwriting also deserves praise. The tracks will connect with audiences not just for the listening pleasure, but the topics that the EP tackles: mental illness, relationships, and loss.

Take a listen to One Small Step below:

Jennifer Minor