Don Felder's Upcoming Solo Album to Feature Slash, Bob Weir, Joe Satriani, Among Others

Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder has called in some big names to appear on his upcoming solo album American Rock n’ Roll slated for an April 5th release on BMG. “I wanted to bring in as many people as possible to share the experience with me,” Felder stated. “I knew it should be bright, cheery and fun or it wouldn’t be worth doing. It should be a labor of love, not a labor of work. “

Among those announced are Slash, Bob Weir, Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, Mick Fleetwood, and Chris Smith.

Slash plays on the title track which can be heard below. Felder says about the Guns n’ Roses guitarist, “Slash lives really close to me. He came over, brought his guitar, plugged into one of my amps and we traded off on some solos. He actually plays on the part of the song that mentions Guns n’ Roses by name."

Jennifer Minor