REVIEW: The Aviators' 'Flowers and Moonshine' is a Classic Rock Music Fan's Dream

Southern California rockers The Aviators prove that they have paid their dues on their fourth offering Flowers and Moonshine.

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Connect with The Aviators:

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The title track gets the album underway in a strong and ear-pleasing manner. This fun southern rock tune sounds like it could have been a radio hit in the ‘70s. A hint of ZZ Top influence can be heard in this track and we certainly love it.

The third track “Goodbye to the Rain” is one of the singles from the album and has a sound reminiscent to Aerosmith. From the catchy riff in the beginning to singer August Young’s vocals ending the song, it is a solid hard rock track showcasing their true musicianship.

The Aviators shake things up in an impressive manner on track six “Set it Off.” Both AC/DC and Led Zeppelin inspiration can be heard in this song. Comprised of a killer guitar solo and epic rock vocals, this track is a classic rock music fan’s dream.

Flowers and Moonshine reassures the listener that rock music is in extremely good hands. Boston awaits you The Aviators!

‘Flowers and Moonshine’ is out now! Listen and stream below:

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Jennifer Minor