She Made Me Do It Releases Music Video for "Bones" + EP 'Drenched'


Electronic rock band She Made Me Do It is comprised of Shaheena Dax on vocals as well as bass and Will Crewdson on guitar. The two-piece recently released a music video for “Bones” from their EP Drenched now available at the links below. The track kicks off with Crewdson’s electric guitar before developing a heavy and borderline post-punk rock nature.

The second track “Broken Morning” has a calmer atmospheric sound. Dax’ vocals exude sadness and nostalgia.

The third track “Ashes” brings an element of new-wave to the EP. Though more on the electronic side of the music spectrum, there are rock aspects still found in this track. Among that, is an electric guitar solo midway through.

“Time” showcases soft vocals the majority of the song before a breakdown to an almost progressive rock section of guitar and drums.

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Jennifer Minor