Twin Dive Release Music Video for "Joy Will Follow" + Exclusive Interview


Danish rock band Twin Dive released the music video for their single “Joy Will Follow.” The band revealed to us in an exclusive interview the story behind the song, their inspirations, and their vision as a band.

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Exclusive Interview:

DFTR: What is the vision behind Twin Dive as a band?

TD: We do want to be the greatest band in the world, write the best songs, put up the best shows, hell yeah. More importantly though, we are here to help people find a sense of purpose, be good to yourself and your surroundings, to be able to listen, not just hear, but really listen - in that sense, we've lived our vision for many years. Our only two requirements to ourselves as musicians are that all our work has to come from love and that we don't settle for ''almost''. The vision at large is ever evolving, much as we are. 

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DFTR: Growing up, which rock bands and singers inspired you creatively?

TD: Nirvana, Kings of Leon, Oasis, Strokes, QoTSA, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix.

DFTR: What is the story behind the song "Joy Will Follow”?

TD: It was the first song we wrote back in September and it was a true first-born. Back then we didn't have a bassist, so we had to manage without elaborate instrumental harmonies and crisp background guitar riffs, therefore the fairly simplistic musical structure of the song. The song originally had a completely different chorus, which two months after recording the demo died on me and I went ahead and wrote a new one - it was worth the wait, I must say. Lyrically, the song can be summarized to something like this - regardless of who you are, there's joy for you out there, you just gotta go and find it yourself.  We shot the video in the industrial part of town - it's very homely to us, other than having all the cool urban scenery to it. Our recording studio Tapetown lies nearby and our beloved library is on the other end of it. Moreover, even though we haven't been employed in that very district, we sure have done our share of heavy duty manual labor - factories, construction, demolition - if there's a working class band around here, that would definitely be us.

We hope that the listeners will follow whatever gives them joy in their lives and stick with us for the next release which is coming up in May.

Jennifer Minor