Joyous Wolf Release Highly Anticipated Debut Album 'Place in Time' - Don't Forget to Rock Reviews!

Southern California based rock band Joyous Wolf are quickly making a name for themselves due to their high energy performances and the electrifying sound of their recently released songs “Quiet Heart” and album title track “Place in Time.” Their debut album Place in Time , released April 19 via Roadrunner Records, is a well-crafted display of their raw talent.

Joyous Wolf is (from L to R):  Blake Allard - Guitar, Robert Sodaro - Drums, Greg Braccio - Bass, and Nick Reese - Vocals

Joyous Wolf is (from L to R):

Blake Allard - Guitar, Robert Sodaro - Drums, Greg Braccio - Bass, and Nick Reese - Vocals

Opening track “Had Enough” is a melodic hard rock song showcasing right off the bat the talent and true grit of Joyous Wolf. Vocalist Nick Reese delivers a strong and soulful performance conveying the message of the lyrics.

Next is the recently released single “Quiet Heart,” a mid-tempo song which starts off with both guitarist Blake Allard’s and Robert Sodaro playing in unison. Another excellent example of Reese’s vocal range. There is a smoothness in his singing on this song which makes this a standout track.

The following track “Said Too Much” shakes things up a bit. An up-tempo soulful and bluesy rock track, the band clicks on all cylinders on this track showing their musical versatility.

The title track “Place in Time” gives off a southern hard rock vibe and features both powerful vocals by Reese and a soaring guitar solo by Allard.

The album shifts to a more ballad vibe with “Feel the Low.” Reese’s vocals emote a Janis Joplin-esque sadness while Sodaro’s jazzy drumming marry Allard’s gentle strumming. The song continues to pull on your heartstrings when the tempo and instrument sections build up in tempo and intensity. This track certainly will have an emotional impact on its listeners.

“Mother Rebel” is a return to rocking out. Straight out of the gate, head-nodding to the song will ensue. This track is an exciting hard rock song comprised of slide guitar playing.

The album ends on a high note with “Undesired.” Reese reminds us of his expansive vocal range while the rest of the band play at full force.

Although just seven tracks long, Place in Time contains no filler. Each track features pure musicianship and showcases a band with drive. The best is yet to come for Joyous Wolf.

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