Wild Planes Perfect the Art of Fusing Rock and Pop on 'Singin 'n' Slingin'

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The New York based rock band Wild Planes are not holding back on their debut EP Singin'‘n’ Slingin. From the first track “Money," it is completely evident that there are no gimmicks about this band. Vocalist Kris Carmello is captivating with his rich and smooth tone. Doubling as guitarist, the catchy riff blends perfectly with his melodic vocals. This earworm opening track is one you will find yourself putting on repeat.

“The Hunter” follows up nicely as the second track. Opening with a strong riff, Wild Planes perfects the art of fusing pop and rock ‘n’ roll. The listener can both rock out while easily singing along to the lyrics.

“We Don’t Know This” has summer jam written all over it. The opening riff has a beach party vibe while Carmello calmly sings about finding his love.

The EP switches to a more country pop/rock vibe with playful song “Drunk.” College students will surely be blasting this song at campus parties!

“I’m Back” is a southern rock tune showcasing Carmello’s wide range in the chorus. A standout track on the EP, it features the musicianship of Carmello, bassist Jimmy “Ray” Hoag, and drummer Andre Jevnik.

Wild Planes deliver an excellent debut EP which cannot be categorized into just one genre. Combining both melodic and guitar driven tracks, ‘Singin ‘n’ Slingin’ is a solid effort and shows a promising future for Wild Planes.

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Jennifer Minor