Kiss Kiss Bang's 'Hearts on Fire' Sets the Bar High for Hard Rock


Despite the constant claim that the current music industry is lacking authentic rock bands, 2019 has shown that the genre has a promising future. Kiss Kiss Bang is one among many to keep your eye on following the release of their six track EP Hearts on Fire on May 31.

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The band hailing from Bowing Green, Kentucky draws influence from bands ranging from The Eagles, Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, Black Stone Cherry and Bryan Adams. In fact, Hearts on Fire includes an excellent cover of Adam’s 1984 hit “Run to You.”

The band’s various musical inspirations are reflected on the album. No two tracks sound the same but each one showcases the band’s eclectic musical chops. Kicking off the album is arguably the heaviest song on the album, “Head Change.” Composed of aggressive guitar riffs reminiscent of Velvet Revolver married with a southern rock flare, this opening song is a stand-out on the album.

The title track follows up nicely and opens with a catchy southern hard rock riff. The bluesy vocals on top of the riff gels perfectly.

“She’s Bad” is a melodic hard rock track with solid display of drumming from former member Corban Burke. The chorus is catchy as hell and one to blast in your car throughout the summer.

Listeners receive a bit of a ‘breather’ on radio friendly “When it Rains.” Though the chorus still contains heavy drums and guitars, the vocals give off more of a pop rock vibe similar to early 2000 rock bands such as Linkin Park.

Wrapping up the album is “My Last Goodbye.” Returning back to a southern hard vibe, its a fun melodic song to cap off the EP.

Listening to this EP, it’s evident that this band no doubt plays their asses off live on stage. From the musicianship to the production, Kiss Kiss Bang sets the bar high for hard rock bands with Hearts on Fire.

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