Airbourne Gear Up for October 25 Release of New Studio Album 'Boneshaker'


Aussie rockers Airbourne is set to release their fifth studio album Boneshaker via Spinefarm Records on October 25. The band teamed up with Nashville’s top producer Dave Cobb at historic Studio A. Vocalist and lead guitarist Joel O’Keeffe explains the decision by saying, “It's a live gig in the studio. This is always something we wanted to do – find a way to bring the soul and power of an Airbourne live show into an album. Cobb caught our lightning and put it in a bottle.”

Airbourne will be hitting the road later this year with plans for a North American tour.

boneshaker album.jpg

1. "Boneshaker"
2. "Burnout The Nitro"
3. "This Is Our City"
4. "Sex to Go"
5. "Backseat Boogie"
6. "Blood In The Water"
7. "She Gives Me Hell"
8. "Switchblade Angel"
9. "Weapon of War"
10. "Rock 'N' Roll For Life"

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