Strong Like Bull Drop Official Music Video for "Live While You Can"


Kansas rock band Strong Like Bull released the official music video for their debut single “Live While You Can.” The fiery rock song, produced by Carter Green, possesses a Mötley Crüe sound, one of Strong Like Bull’s musical infuences. Vocalist Dave Gray explains the meaning behind the song by saying,

“‘Live While You Can’ is a song about not letting anyone keep you from living your life like you want to-including yourself. We give ourselves more reasons that we shouldn’t do something we want to than anyone else does. We’re supposed to know what we want to do with our lives, have a career by 22, and anything else we think society has told us we need to do to be normal. Just be yourself. Live your own life. Don’t let someone else’s fears or your own fears hold you back. You build your own cage, you carve your own jail, you get one time around, you’ve got to understand, you build your own prison...gotta live while you can.”


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