JD Eubanks of Failure Anthem Returns with New Band Rust -- Listen to "Fever" Here!


Former Failure Anthem singer JD Eubanks returns with a new band Rust which includes Chad Mosbey on guitar. The first track “Fever” is now available for purchase.

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Eubanks explains the meaning behind the song by saying, "'Fever' is a song about living inside the darkest of depression within a relationship or within life, but not giving in to the world’s everyday struggles. The fever or demon is the pressure of life and fighting anxiety on a daily basis, yet still trying to give or interact with all of those in which you encounter daily. I've suffered from anxiety, depression, and PTSD for most of my life and felt this could be a great opportunity to help those around me beset with the same demons."

Rust is planning to release singles one at a time with the next track “Devil’s Paradise” arriving in November accompanied by a video.


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