Lonely Dakota's 'End of Days' Puts a Twist on Hard Rock

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The UK’s rock music scene has been on fire lately . When Lonely Dakota was introduced to us as a southern rock band, it absolutely peaked our interest. After listening to their 5-track EP End of Days, it actually combines various styles of hard rock making it difficult to pinpoint them as a straight up southern rock band.

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The first track “Victoria” leads off with a guitar riff and marching snare drum making the listener wonder how the song will progress. Once the chorus hits, it’s clear that this storytelling song is a rock ballad with a guitar solo to boot.

The title track is one of the heavier songs on the EP. Starting straight out of the gate with hard-hitting guitars, you can hear their Seether influence in this song.

“Medication” is the standout track on the EP. This well produced song has every quality that a timeless classic rock song possesses. It starts off with smooth and melodic vocals on top of a catchy, feel good guitar riff.

“Overdrive” switches back to the heavy side of Lonely Dakota. This song marries heavy guitars with melodic vocals making it one of the fun rock out songs on End of Days.

Wrapping up the EP is “15 Years,” another hard-hitting song showcasing VonDee’s vocal range.

Lonely Dakota certainly shows promise as a band and we are eager to see what future music they have in store for us.

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