Blacktop Mojo 'Under the Sun' Album Review

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Blacktop Mojo release their third album Under the Sun today, September 13 via Cuhmon Records. Straight out the gate with the first song “Lay It On Me”, listeners get a full taste of the band’s arsenal. Matt James’ powerful rock vocals soar over both the heavy guitar riffs played by Ryan Kiefer and Chuck Wepfer as well as the solid drumming by Nathan Gillis. This song is one to be revisited over and over.

“Set It Free” has a sweet bass line by Matt Curtis. Though the chorus is melodic, the song does not lack in heaviness.

The band’s wide range of rock influences can be heard in the next track “Come Get Your Coat.” A mix of post-grunge and classic rock make this is song a stand out. James’ captivating singing of the verses leading up to the memorable chorus is perfectly produced.

The album slows down on track “It Won’t Last.” This blues rock number shows off another side of James’ vocals which will have the listener hanging on to his every word. The addition of keys married with the guitar solos in between verses adds to the emotion of song.

There’s no question why “Can’t Sleep” was released as a single. The musicianship and melodious chorus hit hard. Another stand out on the album.

Wrapping up Under the Sun is the title track which has a post-grunge meets metal sound. Blacktop Mojo ends with the same heaviness as they began. A killer guitar solo reminds the listener why this album was so highly anticipated.

Ten rock tracks. No filler. As Blacktop Mojo grows their name, so does their musicianship. There is something unique in their music and we hope that they can retain it throughout their career.

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Jennifer Minor