Steve Lukather of Toto and me at NAMM 2018!

 Steve Lukather of Toto and me at NAMM 2018!

Hey everyone!  Welcome to Don't Forget to Rock.  I'm Jen, the founder, and started DFTR as a mission to bring quality rock n roll back to the masses.  Combining my passion for film-making and music, I began filming interviews with rock bands and soon after, started doing Live Sessions to showcase their talent.

There are so many amazing rock bands out there who need to be heard.  You can find them here on DFTR.  

As a classic rock fan, I also want to pay tribute to the legends, so you will also find news and other content featuring my favorite rock bands.

If you are a rock band who would like to be interviewed, featured, or have a Live Session in Boston, please reach out at df2rocknroll@gmail.com

Don't Forget to Rock!!!