Album Review: Bad Touch - Shake a Leg


by Tiffini Taylor and Jen Minor

Gritty, dirty rock ‘n’ roll is not dead! Bad Touch proves this with their new album Shake a Leg. The band has been making moves in the UK local scene for nearly ten years and they show no sign of stopping. In fact, they are currently on tour promoting the album in the UK.

The first track “Lift Your Head Up” kicks off the album perfectly with its energetic and feel good sound.

Dressed to Killis a fashion statement of a song as the loud blues rock guitar and a toe-tapping drum beat will keep you in style. This track will get you dancing and singing along to it.

Another noteworthy track is titled “I Belong.” Every album needs a power ballad and this is an exceptional one. A bluesy, sexy guitar during the intro builds up to Westwood’s soulful vocals as the percussion makes its grand entrance. This is one of those songs that hits the soul and tears it up before putting it back together.

“Show Me What it Means” shows what good and raunchy rock is. It is catchy and fun. The drums and vocals are spot on and the guitar riff packs attitude tying the track together.

If you have ever felt like no one believes in you, then “Believe In Me” will change your mind. This track reminds us that everybody needs someone just to be there for them. The beautiful lyrics intertwined with powerful vocals and a stimulating guitar solo make this a highlight song on the album.

“Bury Me” is the final track and it is a favorite. If you want a tearjerker then look no further than this song. It is one of the beauties of music is its ability to evoke emotions within us. This song touches the heart and soul and is a wonderful way to end Shake a Leg.

Bad Touch is bringing back that gritty and bluesy style of rock from the seventies and eighties that we miss. Shake A Leg has both feeling and style with the heavy guitar riffs mixed with the groovy bass, energetic drums, and incredible vocals. This album has it all!

Track List:

  • Lift Your Head Up

  • Hammer Falls

  • Too Many Times

  • Dressed To Kill

  • Skyman

  • I Belong

  • Show Me What It Means

  • Tussle

  • Take Me Away

  • Believe In Me

  • Movin’ On Up

  • Slow Tempest

  • Bury Me

Bad Touch is:

Stevie Westwood- Vocals

Rob Glendinning – Lead guitar

Daniel ‘Seeks’ Seeking- Guitar/vocals,

Michael Bailey- Bass

George Drewry-Drums

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