Royal Bliss Rock "Hard and Loud" on New Single

Salt Lake City based band Royal Bliss are back with their new single, a rock anthem titled “Hard and Loud.” With a catchy riff and hard hitting sound, it is sure to be a fan favorite at live shows. Taylor Richards, guitarist of Royal Bliss, tells us about the creation of the single, “Ya know there wasn't a main goal in mind while writing it. It just kind of came out. The line "whiskey, women, rock n roll" definitely sent us into the theme of what rock n roll is about. Instead of the common "sex drugs rock n roll" lyrics, we took it a little more specifically and aimed at the theme of the tune. This song has already got crowds singing and screaming along! We knew we had something special when that happens and this one hadn't even been released.”

Royal Bliss kick off the first leg of their tour tonight in Colorado Springs with Joyous Wolf and Messer. When we asked what fans can expect from the set-list and show, Richards told us, “This set will be one of the most rockin’ sets we've done in a while! I mean it is the Hard and Loud tour! We are playing some new jams as well as some old rockers. This tour will be a great introductory show to new fans and satisfy the old school faithful bliss fans!”

With so many awesome rock bands on the rise, we asked Royal Bliss to what bands they are currently rocking out. Richards responded, “Me personally, as far as newer bands I've been digging The Glorious Sons, Wilson, Red Sun Rising, The Cadillac Three and Grandson. But I always have those classic rock bands in my playlists, Zeppelin, CREAM, Hendrix, Boston, the Stones, and more!” As for their top three Led Zeppelin tunes, Richards says, “Impossible to say... but for today’s three I'll go with “Fool In The Rain,” “What is and What Should Never Be,” and “D'yer Mak'er.” But you could probably pick any three Zep songs and I’d probably agree with you say like, “Heartbreaker”/”Living Loving Maid” (that counts as one doesn't it?), “Lemon Song.” and “Ramble On.” I used to jam along to Zeppelin II all day long!” We can’t blame him! There are just way too many quality songs from the legendary Led Zeppelin.

Check out “Hard and Loud” below!

Jennifer Minor