Toto Release New Song "Chelsea" and Box Set 'All In'


Toto has released a CD box set titled All In via Legacy Recordings featuring the following thirteen CDs: Toto, HydraTurn BackIVIsolation, FahrenheitThe Seventh OneKingdom Of Desire , TambuMindfields, Toto X, a previously unreleased Live In Tokyo EP from their 1980 tour, as well as a brand new album with both new and previously unreleased music titled Old Is New.

“Chelsea” is the new single found on Old Is New. Joseph Williams co-wrote the song with Lukather, Paich, and Porcaro and says about the song,

“I lived in Chelsea/Kensington, London as a kid and as we had written this cool Beatle-y shuffle, and we wanted an ‘English’ feel, the guys let me run with the lyrics on Chelsea. In those days (1968-1971) we studied Shakespeare in school. I LOVED it! So for the words for Chelsea I have two of Shakespeare’s stories going.  Modern versions of Romeo and Juliet in verse one and then Hamlet in verse two. The chorus talks about those stories as well as Chelsea the place (Shakespeare’s house was moved there stone by stone in 1910) and some of my memories of it as a 10 year old kid!”

Jennifer Minor